The Altman Fellows Program is the signature program of the Miami University Humanities Center. Its goal is to foster collaboration, pedagogical innovation, and new research across the humanities at Miami. More at

The 2014-15 Altman Program unites dozens of faculty, students, distinguished visitors, alumni, and community members in order to explore the pressing environmental issues enveloped by the Anthropocene. Over the course of one year, we have explored the ideas of the Anthropocene and how these issues transform the way we relate to, use, and value the planet. We have investigated how this new epoch could reframe longstanding distinctions between human history and natural history. We also want to analyze how social institutions, cultural practices, and cultural forms -including images, narratives, and media more generally- effect environmental processes. Additionally, we have striven to uncover how history, cultural criticism, philosophy, and political ecology shape our understandings of the current planetary crisis. And finally, we want to understand how the Anthropocene prompts us to build bridges between the humanities and the sciences to imagine a sustainable future for the Earth.

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